Take care of your body, you only get one.
— Anonymous
Photo cred: Joseph M. @freebasephotos

Photo cred: Joseph M. @freebasephotos


MUSH is fueling a revolution. 

We have an extraordinary desire to catalyze the healing process of the food industry in order to combat America’s sugar addiction and obesity epidemic. Two-thirds of American adults and one-third of our children are overweight or obese. We spend $200 billion annually on medical costs related to the aforementioned; that’s nearly 21 percent of our total medical expenditure. Exercise campaigns are insufficient remedies. It is too easy for us to consume more than we expend given our food options in America. Why? Flashback to the U.S. Senate in July of 1976. Senator George McGovern called a hearing to raise awareness (or ignorance) of “the direct link between overconsumption of fat and heart disease”. As a result, the first set of dietary “guidelines” was created: fat is bad, carbohydrates are good. America immediately witnessed the largest shift in food production to date. Nearly every large food corporation removed healthy fats from their products and added sugar for taste. And just like that, we disrupted our natural way of eating and doomed ourselves by becoming sugar addicts. This scientific addiction has led to overconsumption, and overconsumption of these processed, sugary foods has partly led to obesity.

MUSH is working to combat this epidemic. Our goal is to provide consumers with convenient products free of added sugars, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and all of that nonsense. In doing so, we hope to reeducate all of us on how to fuel our bodies properly. Please join us in our effort to be the change we need to see in the world.

MUSH love,
Ash & Kat