2 women combatting america's love affair with sugar.

Impossible is nothing.
— Muhammad Ali
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We met shortly after college at the very start of our careers in finance. In typical corporate fashion, we were seated in alphabetical order across the ground floor auditorium for new hire orientation. We have nothing but our last names and a rather hilarious first encounter to blame for our friendship. It went exactly like this... 

An overly ambitious Ashley mapped out a perfect morning for the start of her new career—run to work, shower in the women's locker room, and eat breakfast all before orientation even began. Every minute had unfolded according to plan, until her success bounced to a halt: she forgot her work bra. While standing butt naked in the women’s locker room, she contemplated rinsing and drying her sopping sports one, but timing made it impossible. She opted for plan B: roll with it, commando. She slipped into her blouse sans bra, buttoned her newly purchased Zara blazer directly over the blouse, and scurried to her seat with slightly hunched shoulders so as to create a gap between her bare chest and blouse/blazer combo. As soon as Ashley sat down, she turned to Kat, a complete stranger at the time, and whispered quietly but not gently, “Can you tell I’m not wearing a bra?”  To which Kat replied unfazed and in full volume, “Nah girl, you’re good!” 

Flash forward to a rendezvous in Miami, October 2014— two and a half years after we first met. We talked about our experiences at the firm's offices in New York and London and found a commonality in the difficulty of staying fueled at the desk. Some talk of oats, a resonance in values, and our matched ambition led us to this idea. And with a leap of faith, MUSH was born.

MUSH love,
Ash & Kat